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Announcement - 27th Sunday in ordinary time (Week of October 04, 2020)

Posted on:November 4th, 2020



1. We use this medium to welcome our Friend and brother Priest Very Rev Fr Christopher Ogaga to our chaplaincy. Fr, you are welcome. We thank you for honouring our invitation to coordinate our covenant Sunday of this year. We pray the good Lord to bless you and grant you journey mercies back to your diocese through Christ our Lord. Amen. 

2. Next week Sunday is the second Sunday of the month when we bring our tithe offering to God’s house for blessing. May God continuously bless the work of our hands through Christ our Lord. Amen. The chaplaincy account number for our tithe is also accessible for those who wish to make a transfer.

3. Our masses next week Sunday will be at 7:00am, 7:30am and 9:00am. Thank you

4. October devotion has begun and we encourage you our chaplaincy members to pray our rosaries as families, individuals and as a church. The roster of the October novena will be published on our whatsapp platform. May our mother Mary continuously intercede for us. Amen.

5. Glory to Jesus….. Honour to Mary… we thank God for prayers answered especially as we receive good news of further easing of the lock down in our state. We urge you our dear Chaplaincy members not to let your guards down and continue to be full of prayers for the good Lord to heal our world of the coronavirus. Let us be mindful that we are yet to be fully cleared of the coronavirus pandemic. However, we have resumed weekday masses, Mondays to Fridays 615am, public holidays 700am. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 630pm. Saturdays 700am and confessions afterwards, Sundays 700am, 730am and 900am and Holy hour by 630pm. Sacrament of Baptism on the first Saturdays of the month. Communion to the sick on first Fridays of the Monday or by special arrangement. Weddings 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th Saturdays.

6. During this pandemic period, the Archbishop has permitted the lay faithful to receive Holy Communion on our palms, we are reminded that every particle of the communion that we receive has Jesus, in its entirety, soul and body. We are encouraged not to desecrate the Sacred specie. We are to consume every particle of the body of Christ without leaving any on our palms. We implore our church wardens to help us see that this is properly adhered to. 

7. We thank you our beloved Chaplaincy members for your compliance with the guidelines of the government and the church to stop the spread of the corona virus. We hereby appreciate your efforts and encourage you to keep playing your part by putting on the face mask, frequent washing of hands and use of sanitizer. We pray God to have mercy and heal our world from the deadly pandemic. Amen

8. The chaplaincy is making appeals for donation of liquid soaps and sanitizers for our use on Sundays. You may see the Chaplaincy secretary or any member of the church council when you have to give to the chaplaincy for her use. Thank you.

9. We encourage all parishioners who are yet to register as members or renew their chaplaincy membership cards to please do so in the office.