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Welcome to our Children Ministry

About Children Ministry
This was officially formed on the 24th of December 2014 by the Committee for the Children Section chaired by the Chaplain, Rev. Fr, Wisdom Chikezie where the name Sunday school was adopted which has now metamorphosised into what we know as the Children Ministry.
Why Ministry?
This is a Ministry because it is an apostolate where doctrinal formation is given to our Children, which may not be readily available at the Catechism classes.
Our objective is to capture our children's minds early.
Children! Children! ....... Friends of Jesus!
Membership qualification:
We cater for children between the ages of 2 to 10 years old which is the age of formation for any young mind.

We use modern teaching aids to explain the churches doctrine, basic etiquettes, morals and all parts of the mass. Presently, we hold a pre- mass activity that starts from 7am - 8am on Sundays which usually includes one or more of these activities as our time permits:
a) reciting the rosary
b) singing songs of praise and worship
c) submission and marking of assignments
d) questions and answers session
e) viewing pictorial illustrations of any of the day's 3 readings or a talk on the saint of the day or morals and basic etiquettes.

Our Mass starts at 8am. The Priest, Rev. Fr. Bethrand Ujunwa has permitted the use of projected illustrations to explain the homily so that our children aged 2 to 6 years old can understand his teachings.
We also give out gift items to children who answer questions correctly, best behaved children as well as celebrate with any child whose birthday is made known to us.
Ongoing activities:
Our Choir and Lay readers hold their rehearsals by 3.30pm every Saturday.

Current Executives of 2018/2022 Tenures
Positions: Names:
Coordinator Mrs. Malagu Stellamaris
Asst. Coordinator Mr. Chiemerem Festus
Secretary Sister Veronica Lasekan
Faith formation Sister Stella Ojielo
Educationist Mrs. Orabueze Ifeoma
Asst. Educationist Br. Obinna
Liturgist Mrs. Okeregbe Rose
Asst. Liturgist Mrs. Ihejirika Bernadette
Others Sister Josephine Olaonipekun
Others Mrs. Jane Nwaopara

Programme for year 2021


How to Support the Children Ministry
Appeal to join the Team:
Dearly beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ, this ministry requires more hands. Join us and let's capture the minds of our Children early, we cannot do this alone for 'the harvest is rich but the labourers are few'.

Weekly Kid's Bulletin:
Kindly support us in giving quality catechesis to our children every Sunday. May God bless you real good as you give a helping hand in making the chaplaincy move forward.